Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hey look! An ISO

Yes, we have finally released something.  The SymphonyOS Project is officially reborn with the release of Developer Build 7511.  View Release Announcement & Download


  1. As the website appears to be offline, is there any news of further development or availability of SymphonyOS?

  2. Hi Ryan!
    I don't know if you remember me, but i am the dude from Romania, who sent you some pictures of him climing up some mountains, back in 2006 :p If i remember correctly, you sent me a picture of you and your fiancee and 3 beautifull kids. I suppose that now there is a new addition to the family? How cool! :) God bless you all!

    So glad you returned to the drawing board... 6 years ago your distro was all that i ever wanted from an OS (too bad my "exotic" motherboard needed a hotfix and couldn't migrate alltogether)

    Right now i was testing Ubuntu-Unity but had a "negative experience" when i tried to integrate myself into the community. I tried to "flirt" with Gnome 3.x but fedora 17b and 16 are hanging up on boot right after install. I was beginning to think that Ubuntu is all that there is after "migration" :) So glad you returned!

    I think that both KDE (especially) and Gnome 3.x barrowed from your Mezzo Desktop concept. Time to reclaim the throne :)

    If i may be of any assistence and time permits it, i offer you my graphical skills and social intelligence :p

    Best wishes,

    razvan.badescu@gmail (i erased my paladin_constantin@yahoo.com account)