Friday, September 3, 2010

Long Weekend

Just another quick note on Strata progress.  Not much in the way of new milestones to report today.  I've been continuing work on the file manager and other core apps and things are progressing pretty well.  This weekend is a Labor Day weekend in the US and I will be using the long weekend to focus as completely on Strata as possible.  I will be posting more updates with screenshots of the as yet unseen Aria Desktop (The screenshot on the project homepage was a proof of concept and does not reflect the final UI design) over the weekend.  Things have been quiet on the forums and in the comments here but I will keep on posting and keep on working on getting that pre-alpha release out.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Strata Update

Just a quick update on Strata development.  Since my last update...

  • Application filesystem structure has been worked out
  • Progress made on the file manager
  • Main desktop and menu system design is complete and coded
  • Local/Remote mode recognition is in place
  • Ubuntu 10.04 base system and Aria xsession are complete (you can now boot the system and log directly into the Aria desktop)
Work continues towards the pre-alpha release.  Hopefully the next update will include screenshots or possibly a screencast showing the implemented Strata features.